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If you provide free product…

Our guests just like any human will highly enjoy a gift at their arrival or during the retreat experience.

We only ask for you to ship the product once. We will take care of consciously integrating your product at the retreat.

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If you participate in our retreat…

We will create a special moment, workshop or activity to bring your brand and let our guests immerse into the experience of your brand. 

You can also bring an ambassador, influencer or collaborator to teach the group about your product and it’s values or someone we can create content with!

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If you have a brand dream retreat…

We will find the right activities and location that fit your brands personality.

We will make sure you spread your value during the experience and throughout the content creation.

Let your mind wonder and let us know what you would like to create.

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If you care…

Actively participate in having a positive impact by:

- Sponsoring a social / sustainable activity - ex. beach clean up, visit to local foundation for women empowerment…

- Donate to cause/foundation. Help is always welcome!

- Giveaway product to local foundations or initiatives. Not only money brings happiness :)

- Grant a spot at the retreat for someone who could never afford it (or contribute to it).

In exchange, we will provide free content to inspire the change.